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Waste cooking oil recycling system for fuel, EOMIX
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 Waste cooking oil recycling system for fuel, EOMIX SME-300 (A typical model)
廃油再生燃料化装置 エオミックス SME-300  Capacity
   500 L/Hr (Mixed fuel)

   Continuous auto operation
 Unit system size

 Unit system type
   Indoor fixed type
   (with the oil flow guard frame)
 Power source
   3Phase, 200V

 Rated power consumption
   1.15 KW

 Running cost
   Power 0.02 yen/L
   Filter  5,000〜10,000 yen/year
"Waste oil recycling system for fuel, EOMIX" was developed for changing waste edible oil which was one of sustainable biomass resources to energy. It can contribute to the prevention of global warming ( restraint of the carbon dioxide increase on the earth) and the countermeasure from petroleum exhaustion, and it is useful for cost saving (saving of fuel cost and wastes disposal cost).

As compared with the manufacturing system for so-called BDF (Methyl ester of fatty acid) which is used for the same aim, EOMIX is given a better reputation from the users on the points of simple system and cheap price, higher capacity, lower running cost and no by-products.

EOMIX is mainly used as the system which is operated synchronously with once-through boilers and exhaust gas tube boilers, and also, it is utilized for fixed burners such as incinerators, dryers and heaters and for diesel engines such as power generators, co-generation systems,marine engines and construction machines etc.

Also, waste lubricants for automobiles and marines and machine oils can be recycled for fuel in the case of a limited use such as wastes incinerator.

EOMIX is a compact unit system with which waste oil and petroleum (A heavy oil or light oil or kerosine) are mixed, homoginized and filtered. The features are as follows;
It changes waste oil to fuel with a physical treatment, but not with a chemical reaction, and so, fuel making speed is fast
(Standard models: 300L/Hr, 500L/Hr, 1,500L/Hr, Bigger capacity models are available.)
By-products are not generated and washing process is not necessary, and so, waste water disposal system is not needed.
The unit system price is cheaper, and the running cost is lower. (0.02 yen/L)
It can make the mixed fuel with A heavy oil or light oil or kerosine, and can supply the fuel for many use.
Waste animal oil as well as waste vegetable oil can be changed to fuel. Waste mineral oil such as lubricants can be utilized for the limited use.
The model for the cold district and the waste solid oil such as palm oil can be available.
It is a compact size unit system, and can be installed on a narrow space in a boiler room etc.
It can be operated easily, and the maintenance is easy. Boiler operator can operate it as an additional job.
For the example of A heavy oil boiler, the operation condition such as "Air /Fuel Ratio"etc. is not needed to change at the time of the change of A fuel oil from/to the mixed oil.
The analysis value of the exhaust gas can be controlled well.
Related Japanese Patent 1)Patent No. 4491526 was registered on Apr.16,2010
2)New patent was applied on Jan.21,2010.(No.2010−10682)
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Waste oil refining system
 Waste oil refining system, ORM (A typical model)
廃油清浄化装置 ORM  Capacity
   200 L/Hr (Waste oil)

   Continuous auto operation
   (Manual sludge discharge)

 Unit system size

 Unit system type
   Indoor fixed type
   (with the oil flow guard frame)

 Power source
   3Phase, 200V 

 Rated power consumption
   10.4 KW
   (Motive power: 2.4 KW,
    Heating power: 8.0 KW)

 Running cost
   Motive power 0.12 yen/L
   (Heating power cost is depend
    on the operation condition.)
Waste oil refining system was developed as the pre-treatment system for the waste oil recycling system for fuel, EOMIX, and it is used in the case when much sludge is contained in the waste oil and therefore when the filter element for EOMIX must be frequently exchanged due to its clogging.

Waste oil refining system is equipped with a centrifuge with which the sludge contained in waste oil is continuously separated. Using the system, the frequence of the filter element exchange for EOMIX can be remarkably decreased.

Waste oil refining system, ORM is the model which was developed as a popular and cheap one. Only the discharge operation of the accumulated sludge in the bucket type centrifuge should be done manually, but it is very easy.

When the waste oil gathered from various sources is changed to fuel, it contains much sludge generally. In such case, the use of ORM etc. is recommended. Before the ORM treatment, the waste oil should be settled in a conical bottom type tank to separate large solids and water.
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Installation example of waste cooking oil recycling system for fuel
 Waste cooking oil recycling system, EOMIX Super,SME-320SM
 (EOMIX SME-320 attached with ORM)
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Descaling Apparatus ESR

※The electromagnetic field generator and the controller are size specifications for each aperture. Please note that the contents of the description may change without notice due to performance improvement etc.
※ There are specifications according to various facility environments.
ESR provides a method to prevent scaling troubles caused by the use of water and heat generation equipment such as hot and cold water facilities, boilers, cooling towers, heat exchangers, piping etc, and to prevent the occurrence of rust. It also suppresses the decline the heat exchange efficiency in the heat exchanger.
By effectively applying energy to promote dissolution of scale caused by minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, silicon, etc.) contained in makeup water, scale removal and generation of scales in piping are suppressed . In addition, the passive coating over the surface of iron (black rust) is formed to prevent rust.
【Device configuration】
The configuration consists of a controller and an electromagnetic field generation part, and is connected by a signal cable. The electromagnetic field generating part is made up of a pair of semicircular shapes and is installed by sandwiching piping. We prepare things according to pipe diameter.

【Effect confirmation】
Based on the results of scale analysis and water quality analysis, after installing the ESR whose frequency is adjusted, we will follow up the effect for 3 months every month and verify the effect. We routinely submit the results to customers.
U.S.Patent Application No.10/513,152
【Contact Information】

EicohEcospa Co., Ltd. (Manufacturing and sales) TEL: 045-716-6575 FAX: 045-716-6127
Eicoh Tokyo Head Office (Sales) TEL: 03-5470-9531 FAX: 03-5472-5203
Same as above Osaka head office (sales) TEL: 06-4705-6721 FAX: 06-4705-6733

Link to the Eicoh's ESR page

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Lubricant-derived Ash-reduced Fuel Production System, LOMIX
Compact unit type LOMIX for island countries etc. ( A typical model )
This unit type equipment is an assembled finished product to be transported and installed easily.
· Waste oil treating capacity : 500 L / batch (8 hours)
· Ash-reduced fuel supply capacity : 1,000 L / batch (8 hours) · · · When the treated waste oil is
diluted with equal amount of diesel fuel oil
· Operating method : Batch type automatic operation ( The separated ash recovery is manual)
· Equipment dimensions (mm) : 4,500 L × 2, 300 W × 2, 950 H
· Gross weight : 4,950 Kg
· Power source : 3 phase, 200V ~ 220V
· Power consumption : 63 KW (total) / batch (8 hours) , 23 KWH max.
The Feature of Compact LOMIX

・It is possible to decompose, separate and remove easily and efficiently ash (metal compound) contained in waste lubricant by chemical reaction using the aqueous solution of reagent used also for food and health supplement.

・The treated oil (ash-reduced waste oil) can be used as the fuel for general boilers and diesel engines such as power generators and ships directly or by properly diluting with diesel fuel.

・The aqueous solution of reagent which is recovered after the ash reducing treatment process
can be recycled in the equipment, and the consumed amount of reagent should be added. So,
it is possible to treat waste oil at low running cost.

・The residues to be generated by the treatment are small amount of metal salts of harmless reagent and can be safely incinerated or landfilled.

・The equipment can be operated safely and easily even by the operators who are not familiar
with the knowledge of chemical technology or the operation of mechanical equipment. Also,
it is easy to maintain and manage because it does not use advanced precision instrument and equipment.

Lubricant-derived Ash-reduced Fuel Production Plant ( LOMIX Plant )
· 2,500 to 42,000 liters / day ( 600 to 10,000 KL / year )
· In the case of mass production, it can be optionally designed as a plant.
· The greater the amount of waste lubricant to be treated, the better the investment economy.
The Difference between Ash Removing System and
Waste Lubricants Clarification System

The comparison of "Ash Removing System" and "Waste Lubricant Clarification System" by other companies is as follows.

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High-temperature Frying Oil Cleaner FOC
High-temperature frying oil cleaner FOC-100S ( A typical model )

Capacity : 500 L/min.

Operation : Continuous auto operation
(Solids discharge is manual)
Unit system size : 1100L×500W×1400H

Unit system type : Indoor fixed type

Power source : 3Phase, 200V

Rated power consumption : 2.95 KW
  Centrifuge : 2.2 KW
  Pump : 0.75 KW

Internal volume of rotating bucket : 12 L

FOC-100S Application for Fryer

Actual Operation of FOC-100S
Opening of Centrifuge

Separated Solid in Rotating Bucket

Cleaning Status of Frying Oil with Dusting Powder
foc100s-01 foc100s-02
foc100s-03 foc100s-04
Merit of Frying Oil Cleaner Installation

1. Prevention of deterioration of frying oil
Prevention of deterioration of frying oil by rapid and continuous removal of deep-fried debris

2. Materials (Consumables) Cost Reduction
No need for filter paper for filter

3. Improvement of product quality
The adhesion of deep-fried debris to products is prevented and the product quality is improved

4. Workability and safety improvement
There is no decline in the cleaning performance during operation

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