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What is BDF (Bio Diesel Fuel) ?
The fatty acid methyl ester which is made by the reaction of vegetable oil and methanol using the catalyst such as caustic potassium potasium or soda etc. is commonly called BDF (Bio Diesel Fuel), and is used as the fuel for diesel engine.
 Consideration on BDF manufacturing (in a small plant)
Methanol which is regulated as a volatile organic solvent, a toxic material and a special flammable material on the fire-fighting law and caustic soda etc. which is regulated as a toxic material are used as the raw materials, and they should be taken a special care for the handling.
The considerably degraded waste oil (higher acid value) can not be used for the raw material.
The waste solution (the mixture of glycerin, methanol, caustic soda etc. and water) is generated as the process by-product, and it is very difficult to dispose. (As for incineration treatment, soda ingredient may degrade the furnace materials.)
In the product washing process, the waste water which contains methanol and caustic soda etc. is generated, and it is very difficult to dispose.
In the case of rough washing, the chemical reaction occurs again in the fuel tank of the automobile, and the generated ingredient which contains glycerin may clog the filter to stop engine.
In the winter season, BDF may cause a trouble to start engine. It is desirable to mix it with light fuel oil for the use.
The investment cost for the manufacturing system is comparatively expensive for the unit production volume, and the product price cannot be competitive to light fuel oil considering its raw materials cost, utilities cost and manpower cost.
BDF is comparatively higher cost fuel, and so, it should be used for the diesel engine automobile, and it is too expensive for the boiler fuel etc.
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What is EMF (EOMIX Fuel ) ?
The refined vegetable oil which is removed fine solid with the centrifuge or the fine filter is commonly called SVO(Straight Vegetable Oil), and it is homogeneously mixed with petroleum fuel (A heavy oil or light oil or kerosene ) by an emulsion making technology on a suitable mix ratio according to the use. The mixture of SVO and petroleum fuel made with EOMIX system is named EMF.
 The feature of EMF manufacturing
Only waste vegetable oil etc. and petroleum fuel are used as the raw materials to be handled, and the raw materials which should be taken a special care are not used.
The considerably degraded waste oil (Acid value: 3.0 mg KOH/g or more ) can be used for the raw material.
As the manufacturing process is not chemical reaction but physical treatment, waste by-product solution is not generated.
As the product washing process is not necessary, the waste water is not generated.
EMF has been mainly used for the once-through boilers and the exhaust gas tube boilers, and also, it can be used for waste incinerators, drying furnaces, heating furnaces etc. and for the diesel engines of power generators, co-generators, marines and construction machines.
EMF can be used for the diesel automobiles, but ECOSPA Engineering Corporation does not recommend the use positively in Japan, because it is off from the local specification of the fuel for diesel automobile in the metropolitan district.
The mixed fuel with kerosene should not be used for the vaporizer type heaters such as the indoor petroleum stove, and it can be used for the heaters equipped with the spray gun type burner.
(For the use of mixed fuel with kerosene, the user should observe the supplier's indication.)
The suitable mix ratio of waste cooking oil is around 30% or below. In this case, the boiler etc. can be operated by the same operation condition as the case when only petroleum fuel is used. In this case, the analysis data of the exhaust gas are same or better.
The vegetable oil such as waste cooking oil is better to use in the view point of the easy and safety handling and the cleanliness of exhaust gas from boilers etc. However, the animal oil and the mineral waste oil such as lubricants can be used for the limited use. (Please consult about it with the supplier)
ECOSPA Engineering Corporation can supply the EOMIX system with which the solid waste oil such as palm oil can be changed to fuel.
The treating speed (the mixed fuel manufacturing speed) with EOMIX system is very fast because it is not chemical reaction but physical treatment. (Standard model: 300L/Hr, 500L/Hr, 1,500L/Hr. Bigger capacity model can be available if it is necessary.)
Comparing with BDF manufacturing system, the price of EOMIX system is cheaper (The standard unit system : 7 〜 15 million yen), and the running cost is also, cheaper. (0.02yen/L of mixed fuel)
The standard unit system is small size, and it can be installed on the small space in the boiler room etc.
EOMIX unit system can be operated easily, and also, the maintenance work is easy. Therefore, the specialized operator is not necessary, and the boiler operator etc. can operate it as an additional job.
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